Wildcat Swimming Club is currently NOT OPERATING. 

Rachel Mark the Owner,Coach has moved away from North Bend so at this time we are not taking sign ups for new swimmers (Sept 2016).  We are ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR A COACH to allow the swim team to continue! Please contact Rachel if there is interest there. 

"My hope is to help facilitate a love of competitive swimming in our youth!"

Our humble 16 yard pool

Our humble 16 yard pool


 “When a swimmer steps up on the blocks to compete, he or she is the ultimate master of his or her destiny.  
The moment of truth is revealed once the starting gun sounds, a moment when the swimmer is in complete isolation from external help, relying on only strength, intellect and desire.  
There are no coaches to shorten the distance of the race, no parents to mend bruised egos, and no teammates to make up for a lack of effort.  The distance is constant, the time absolute.  
No one else can swim the race from a performance perspective, swimming is an individual sport.  
Similarly, during training no body else can take a stroke for the individual.  
The pain is his or her alone to embrace and master.  
However, the sport of swimming has adopted a training environment that is based on a team structure-a collection of athletes and coaches working together to optimize individual performances.  
Consequently, what culminates as the effort of one athlete begins with effort of many. “